Lake Como School for Advanced Studies

Rigorous Renormalization Group Analysis of Collective Phenomena in Fermionic Quantum Systems

August 26-30, 2024

Villa Grumello - Como (Italy)

About the Summer School

Interacting fermions are a prime example of complex systems in quantum physics: the microscopic Schrödinger equation gives rise to a baffling variety of collective behavior, ranging from collective plasmon excitations in Fermi liquids to the emergence of anyonic quasiparticles in the quantum Hall effect. Despite these effects having been spectacularly confirmed in experiment (e.g., the 1998 Nobel Prize for Laughlin, Störmer, and Tsui "for their discovery of a new form of quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations"), their rigorous understanding continues to pose major challenges to mathematicians. The last few years however have seen formidable progress of the mathematical theory. The school aims to introduce mathematicians and mathematical physicists to rigorous renormalization group methods, and initiate the development of synergies with Bogoliubov-type methods.

This is an advanced summer school. The target group are PhD students, postdocs, and researchers.





Registration for the summer school is expected to open in April.